Reseller ID in customer id?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by SerethiX, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. SerethiX

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    I want to add the reseller id to the customers id, is this possible?


    c_[reseller]_[1] or c_[RESELLER_NAME]_[CUSTOMER_NO]

    I think I had it on a previous installation, but that was preconfigured, so I can't remember the settings there...
  2. I don't think this is possible as you can move any Client to another Reseller.
  3. SerethiX

    SerethiX New Member

    It is possible,

    I found out where:

    Edit Reseller, goto Limits and change Customer No. template

    you should do this, when having multiple resellers, cause on my installation it would create dublicates of the customer ID
  4. Sorry have thought to talk you about this ...
    Yes :
    Reseller A has clients starting with A
    Reseller B has clients starting with B
    That's the correct way to proceed.
  5. SerethiX

    SerethiX New Member

    For me it was bugged then,

    the reseller got the original prefix.
  6. I won't tell it is the way to go for everyone, but by :
    When creating a new reseller, manually edit his 'Customer number' from C[#] to R[#].
    Then from Limit tab, set his 'Cutomer number template' to ie : A[CUSTOMER_NO]
    If you do the same for ResellerB, but choosing B[CUSTOMER_NO], you won't have any Client numbering problem.
    Each reseller has his numbering template, one starting by A, one by B, etc ...
    Only thing is that you have to manually edit the Reseller Customer Number when you create it, we have chooser R[#] as it well suits to a Reseller.
    Hope this helps.

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