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Discussion in 'General' started by dayjahone, Jun 4, 2013.

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    I tried to create a new DNS record that somehow came up as a new site. I tried to delete it, and it won't empty from my trash. So, now, I have a website that is stuck in my dns's trash. I can't create a new site with that domain because it says it is already in use. I was going to login to phpmyadmin as root and search for anything with that domain and delete it. The trouble is I need to reset my mysql password in order to do that. Please help!
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    I wont do that if you are not 100% familar with the databse layout, it will break your database when you miss a single record which depends on one of the deleted records and the records are only connected by ID's, so you wnt find them by searching for the domain name.

    A better solution for such a broken record is to change the domain name to a name that does not conflicts with existing records e.g. prepend a "broken-" to the name.
  3. dayjahone

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    I tried that before, and it gave me this error:

    Any other ideas?
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    ignore me. its ispconfig 2. my bad.
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    Yeah, ISPC 2. I did do all of the database repair things in the tools menu, but it didn't help.
  6. dayjahone

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    Can anyone help me delete the right thing in the database?

    I did a search and found the following:

    1 match inside table del_status
    1 match inside table isp_isp_web

    If I change the domain in phpMyAdmin, will it break everything?
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