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    Hi. I'm trying to migrate some code from the old soap api to the new rest api. I have a chunk of code that does this:

    create client
    create site
    create ftp
    create db user
    create db

    this all works fine up until create db user, I am trying to send the client ID to associate with it, but the db user account gets created in ispconfig with no client. Heres my old code that worked properly:

    $site_result $this->api_request("sites_database_user_add",
    'server_id' => $serverId,
    'database_user' => $dbUser,
    'database_password' => $dbPass

    And my new code (using guzzle in laravel)

      $dbUser $gclient->request('POST'$ispUrl.'sites_database_user_add', [
    'json' => [
    'session_id' => $session_id,
    'client_id' => $clientId,
    'params' => [
    'server_id' => $server_id,
    'database_user' => $dbUsername,
    'database_password' => $dbPassword
    I've tried a few things putting client_id in params etc but it seems like I'm not sending the client_id in the correct way, has anyone got any ideas to solve this? Thanks
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