Restore web and db backups from a sub-domain directory ?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Keoz, Sep 17, 2018.

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    I created a subdomain and its directory "forum“ that is empty for now. I wish to restore web and db backups that are actually zip files located on my PC Desktop. I want to FTP upload these zip files within “forum" directory, but in ISPConfig 3 subdomains do not have “Backup" tab.

    • Does it mean that the ISPConfig “restore“ function only works for domains (and not for subdomains) ?
    • Is there a way to add a backup tab to a subdomain ?
    • Is it normal that right after its creation the subdomain directory “forum“ is totally empty ?
    • Is my only option is to unzip the web and db zip files prior to FTP upload the within the “forum" directory ?

  2. Keoz

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    Actually, when I visit the URL "forum.domainname.ext“ I am redirect to an "Index of“ page, but the corresponding “index.html‘ does not show in my FTP client (even after a refresh). Is this normal ?
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    A subdomain is a part of a website, so it's included in the backup of that website and has no own backups. if you want to have it separated from the website, then create the subdomain as new website instead of a subdomain.
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    Thank you !

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