RIS windows on linux server with domain controller

Discussion in 'Suggest HOWTO' started by ebmar, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. ebmar

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    I wondering if anyone have set up a linuxbox with samba and domain controller (like the samba howto for small workgroup-thingy) and RIS server?

    If anyone have done this, can him/her/they post this in the howto section?
  2. till

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    What is RIS?
  3. ebmar

    ebmar New Member

    RIS is a a service who let you install windows from a RIS-server trough the network.
  4. falko

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    Do you have a URL?
  5. ebmar

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  6. sbovisjb1

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    Why dont you just use winLinux or some derivative that installs on top of windows. They were made to do this, to install on top of a fat partition. I mean samba isnt made to do that... or if ur stuck, just make a image of the linux system and then port it.
  7. SNIa

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  8. mastrboy

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  9. mfever

    mfever New Member

    Hi mastrboy

    I also failed to run RIS windows in linux from that 2 guides. Could you mind to share how to do it?

  10. zcworld

    zcworld New Member

    try using UDA (Ultimate Deployment Applianc)
    its takes all the hard work out of setting an window system to install from an RIS type of service on an linux box

    its also support Linux OS as well to be installed via the network
  11. net-help.dk

    net-help.dk New Member

    PXEBoot winpe

    I quess you already has a RIS deployment running serving deploying your windows clients.

    The "issue" with RIS in the microsoft world is legacy, you might thinking on changing to WinPe, deployment workbench ect. which also gives you the changes to deploy both 32 / 64 windows.

    What I am doing ( also living in a mix M$/*inx world, because of my wife and work) is using linux PXEboot to boot up Winpe from a linux box, and deploying windows (server/Xp/vista/7) from WinPe.
    The WinPE deployment automatisation is created by "MS deployment workbench".
    I have been writing a small howto on this in danish on what needed to be changed on the pxe server, ( http://www.net-help.dk/index.php/debian/103-pxeboot-winpe-med-tftp-hpa)
    ( the hardest work is making the "WinPE" boot files able to pxe boot using bcdedit, but there are a few howtoo's on this on the web )

    I have not had the time to test if it's possible to use at samba share as the deployment share for the above configuration.

    I quess that this is an total change off your current deployment way, and not is what your 100% is asking for, but it works and might be the solution on the loong term.

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