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    Has anyone else run into this?

    If we are hosting multiple domains on the same mail server so that you can go to:

    and they all hit the same mail webserver, how can we get the RoundCube captcha module to keep track of what url/domain it came in on and then have the ability to add a captcha pub/priv key pair for each domain in the file and it choose the correct pair based on the incoming domain url with an If.....else if...else if..... statement?

    Does anyone know which variable it is that holds the url of the incoming domain that is sent to verify the captcha?

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    Roundcube Captcha code

    I actually finally found an article about it and this is the code I needed. Working with 11 different domains perfectly.


    $domainkeys = array(
    'mydomain_1.tld' => array(
    'publickey' => '...publickey_1...',
    'privatekey' => '...privatekey_1...',
    'mydomain_2.tld' => array(
    'publickey' => '...publickey_2...',
    'privatekey' => '...privatekey_2...',
    $domain = explode('.', $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']);
    if(count($domain) > 2){
    $domain = implode('.', $domain);
    $config['recaptcha_publickey'] = $domainkeys[$domain]['publickey'];
    $config['recaptcha_privatekey'] = $domainkeys[$domain]['privatekey'];
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    As the value of the variable changes, so sometimes it becomes confusing to know that which variable is holding which value. So, what should be done for it..??
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