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    I installed the ispConfig Plugins in roundcube as in this tutorial:

    I configured an Remote User in ISPConfig and ticked the necessary permissions. In Roundcube Settings I get the Soap Error: Forbidden. I tried it with another User and Password but still no luck. I even gave the RemoteUser all the permissions in ISPConfig to check weather I forgot some. Still same Error. It seems to connect to the soap_url fine though (no could not connect to host Error).

    Did I miss something?
  2. yalsicor

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    Here is some more information.

    I'm running a Debian Jessie, Roundcube is installed and working fine. I can change settings in ISPConfig. But I cant change Settings like password or autoreply from Roundcube.

    Here is my ispconfig3_account
    $rcmail_config['identity_limit'] = false;
    $rcmail_config['remote_soap_user'] = 'roundcube-remote-user';
    $rcmail_config['remote_soap_pass'] = 'password';
    $rcmail_config['soap_url'] = 'https://domain:port/remote/';
    I am using a self-signed certificate and the domain matches the one in the certificate. I double checked remote User and password several times.

    These are the plugins I activated in Roundcube:
    $config['plugins'] = array("jqueryui", "ispconfig3_account", "ispconfig3_autoreply", "ispconfig3_pass", "ispconfig3_spam", "ispconfig3_fetchmail", "ispconfig3_filter", "ispconfig3_forward", "ispconfig3_wblist");
    The apache access.log tells for trying to change something in Roundcube settings:
    [09/Nov/2015:15:52:52 +0100] "POST /remote/index.php HTTP/1.1" 200 5246 "-" "PHP-SOAP/5.6.14-0+deb8u1"
    [09/Nov/2015:15:52:52 +0100] "POST /remote/index.php HTTP/1.1" 200 4782 "-" "PHP-SOAP/5.6.14-0+deb8u1"
    [09/Nov/2015:15:52:52 +0100] "POST /remote/index.php HTTP/1.1" 200 917 "-" "PHP-SOAP/5.6.14-0+deb8u1"
    [09/Nov/2015:15:52:52 +0100] "POST /remote/index.php HTTP/1.1" 403 499 "-" "PHP-SOAP/5.6.14-0+deb8u1"
    There is no trace of connection in ispconfig/auth.log.

    I cant figure out what is wrong. Any ideas what else to check?
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  3. jeensg

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    Having the same problem and not finding any hint what to have a look at. Please help :)
  4. yalsicor

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    After lot of tinkering I found the problem: mod-evasive.
    Turned out after 2-3 requests it blocked further requests to the server. Disabled and everything works fine..
  5. scenic2

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    Can you tell us what that means? Can you be more specific?
    Where should i check to find "mod-evasive" setting.

  6. yalsicor

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  8. yalsicor

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    There was a mistake. Its
    a2enmod evasive 
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  9. M.Meintjes

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    Not sure if there are still people facing this issue with mod_evasive but you can also just whitelist the IP in the mod_evasive config file:

    nano /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/evasive.conf
    and just add the following:

    DOSWhitelist        <IP ADDRESS HERE>
    Note that you should only use IP addresses without the subnet part. You can also use wildcards here:

    DOSWhitelist        123.234.*.*

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