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    Hi all

    i have installed ispconfig 2.2.37, and i have use update manager to install roundcube.pkg.
    All is very fine, but i don't like the url address for my webmail like http://ns1.mydomain.tld:81/roundcubewebmail, i want to use simple url like http://webmail.mydomain.tld. or more simple just mail.mydomain.tld.
    it this possible? What can i do?
    Thank's in advance
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    When you've opened a site in the ISPConfig 2 and you want to change any setting from ISP Manager, you see the first screen "ISP site - Basis". In that screen is usually set the "Hostname" -> "www" i.e. for "Domain" -> "".

    If you click on "Co-Domains" option (it's the link above label "Server") you see a new screen "ISP site - Co-Domains" and you have a button "New". Click on that button and put in the new screen "ISP Domain - Domain" on the field "Hostname" -> "webmail" (or "mail", if you prefer) and into "Domain" -> "mydomain1.tld". Check also the checkfield "Create DNS".

    Then click on "Forward" option (it's the link above label "Hostname") and put http://ns1.mydomain.tld:81/roundcubewebmail in the "Forward:" field.

    Click on the Save button and so you have created the forward mechanism for Apache and the relative DNS record in "DNS manager".

    I assume that your ISPConfig server is also your DNS server otherwise you must set manually the DNS for the host "webmail.mydomain1.tld" into DNS server.

    That's all.

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