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Discussion in 'General' started by Doug G, Aug 27, 2014.

  1. Doug G

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    I have ispc3 on CentOS 6.5. Recently did a yum update and got an updated amavisd-new including an updated /etc/amavisd/amavisd.conf.rpmnew configuration file. I tried manually editing it and replacing the old version conf file, but discovered amavisd was now discarding (quarantine) some cron job email scripts as spam.

    I put the old amavisd.conf file back in place and ran the updated amavisd using it, my cron mail scripts worked fine again.

    What to do with updated conf files that are tweaked by ispconfig?

    Also, is there some way to run the ispc3 program that reconfigures the amavisd conf file?

    Another question, does amavisd save quarantined mail somewhere in CentOS, and if so, anyone know where? So I can review whatever got discarded over the last few days.
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  3. Doug G

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    Thanks, I did that and it rewrote the amavisd.conf file. But it appears that the conf file is now the older one that was replaced by the amavisd.conf.rpmnew, which was the active amavisd.conf file when I started the ispconfig3 update. vimdiff shows quite a few settings from the updated conf file that are no longer in amavisd.conf

    Does the updater re-create the amavisd.conf file from some template, or does it edit the existing amavisd.conf file ?
  4. till

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    The file gets recreated from the installer template.

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