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Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by kingtech, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. kingtech

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    I think it would be nice to add these features to the end user's site level controls, where each domain or subdomain could individually turn on and off safe mode, register globals, magic quotes...

    I would also like this person to be able to create redirects, to automate creation of .htaccess files for any folder in their domain (password protect), I would like to see the email account creation section a little more end user friendly. Some text is still in German. Is the admin account for the web site automatically created as an email user?

    These are some of the features that cPanel has that I really like....
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  2. kingtech

    kingtech New Member

    ack... after more investigation, and trying to set the php.ini manually, I realized that there IS an option to turn safe mode on and off... but this control is NOT at the web site (client) level, I was only able to turn it on and off from my admin level controls.

    The heirarchy on the navigation screen for the ISP Manager seems a little off.... shouldn't the sites be listed under sites, the clients under clients and the resellers under resellers?

    I have not yet tried creating a reseller... would a reseller have rights to turn on and off safe mode (and all of the other options on the web site's "basis" tab menu?)
  3. till

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    Not at all :)

    No, they can be listed there, but you dont have to put them there. In windows or linux you can store your openoffice or word documents in your "my documents" folder on your harddisk, but you dont have to store them there.

  4. till

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    It is a really bad idea to let the client itself control the PHP security settings if you do not want that your server is hacked within hours.

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