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    To all
    I am trying to install CentOS 5.2 on a HP proliant DL320 G4. (Sata SmartArray P400) It seems to me that the OS can't see the drives.
    this is what I have done so far
    I tried to install the CentOS 5.2 with defaults settings (centOS sees the hard drive at raid 0 hardware raid) at first it seems that the OS was installed properly no error message what so ever,
    but when CentOS it is trying to boot up I get error messages

    dev/sda2: read failed after 0 to 1024 at 15619678208:input output error
    no volume groups founds
    volume group "vlogroup00" not found
    buffer I/O on device sda2
    unable to access resume device (/dev/vougroup00/logvol01)
    mount could not find file system /dev/root
    setuproot moving /dev failed not such a setuproot error moutnting /proc no such file or directory
    setuproot error mounting /system not such file or director
    Kernet panic not syncing attenpted to kill init!

    Is my assumption correct or it is something else?

    thanks for your help in advance
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