Server Hostname and IPSConfig

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    Server Hostname and ISPConfig

    I'm using Fedora Core 4 and ISPConfig to setup a new server, and I've gone through the process a couple of times now (new Linux and new ISPConfig installs) in order to get to know how everything works. Well, I was hoping this last time was going to be my new production server, but I've got some bugs. I'm wondering if i need to start over again or if there is an easy solution to fix the problem.

    During the Fedora install, I wanted to name my server, and assumed (i'm thinking now, incorrectly) that the hostname would be the server's 'name' so I named it (ie. bob). I finished the Linux and ISPConfig install, and everything runs except, now, when I'm in the ISPConfig Management, the 2 top navigation buttons don't show up. I get red x's instead of nav_lft.gif and nav_rgt.gif) The image links are being taken from whereas all the other images used are being taken from, etc.

    I wasn't too concerned, I was able to add clients/websites/whatever, but then noticed I couldn't access half of the items in Management. All of the non-working links are linking to '' whereas all the working links are linking to ''.

    So, my first thought was to setup a website for and then create a co-domain for 'bob'... but that didn't work. Then, looking through the forums, I saw instructions on how to change your hostname... so I changed it to 'www' instead of 'bob'. Well, I rebooted the server, but ISPConfig still thinks those links are going to '' instead of the new host

    This leads me to think that when I install ISPConfig, it created the custom Apache with hard links to the host 'bob' and now those things that are coded to bob don't work.

    So, here is my question...
    Should I just go ahead an do a new, fresh Fedora and ISPConfig install with the hostname 'www' to avoid this problem? Or, since I've already changed the server's hostname to 'www', can I remove ISPConfig and re-install it and it will fix the problem (will that completely remove the port 81 server and renew it)? Or, is there a simple config file in ISPConfig somewhere that I can just change 'bob' to 'www'?

    Oh... just so you know, in ISPConfig Management, all the Settings and Status links all point to 'bob' so none of those work... it would have to be at the console that the modifications would have to be done.

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    Yes, /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/lib/ Or you simply create a DNS A Record for and point it to your ISPConfig box...
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    Thank you!


    Editing that file was soooo much easier than the other alternatives. It worked great. It allowed the links in the management tree to work properly so I could edit the appropriate fields in the Server Settings to make those match the file I modified and the actual server settings I changed.

    You guys are awesome!

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