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    we want automatize the secondary DNS setup (at this time we add the zone on the secondary DNS, that is outside ispconfig, manually).
    We have read that guide:
    Here is pretty clear that the primary DNS must be the server on which the ispconfig interface is installed. And the secondary DNS is a "mirror" of that main server (basically the main and the mirrored server share the same dns zone and both are authoritative for that particular domain).

    My question is: we have a cluster of (for example) 5 slave ispconfig with 1 master ispconfig. Any of these 5 slave ispconfig server run a primary DNS server.
    Can we add an a slave server on that cluster that mirrorize any of these 5 slave server, in order to use him as secondary DNS server for all of them?
    If this is not possible can we add a slave ispconfig server, and configure him as a mirror of another slave ispconfig server? Or the target of the mirror of the server must be the main ispconfig server on which ispconfig master is installed?

    Thank you
  2. till

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    A slave is always the mirror of one other server, it can not be the mirror of 5 servers at the same time, so you have to choose which of the 5 others is the primary dns for this slave. The primary dns can be a slave, it does not has to be the server that runs the interface. see multiservers etup guide where the secondary dns is a slave of the primary dns which is a slave of the master.
  3. themark

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    Ok till, thank you. Probably i'm gonna try with the secondary dns configuration by the api...

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