Server to Server Migration problems

Discussion in 'General' started by fbarcenas, Apr 13, 2016.

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    I duplicated the ispconfig installation on the new server using the same perfect server guide. The new server is using the same hostname as the old. I have not changed the DNS PTR record to point to the new server yet. I then ran this script:
    After the script was done I ran an ISPCONFIG update and redid the permissions, services, and crons. Ran the DKIM patch on the new server. Rebooted the server and I cannot login to mail. Everything else seems to work. I get invalid password or user name.
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    I never used the script. Maybe you missed something. Check that /var/vmail is owned by vmail.vmail, mysql is running and you don`t have a broken database. You can also check your mail.log
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    I had my postfix bound to the original servers IP. Once I remove the line and restarted postfix, it all began to work.
    smtp_bind_address = 45.35.xx.xx
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