Setting Up A PXE Install Server With Ubuntu Edgy Eft - w/Full ISO's

Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by BlackNinjaVirus, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. BlackNinjaVirus

    BlackNinjaVirus New Member

    Where do you put the full ISO's if you downloaded them. I renamed the ubuntu-desktop-7.04.iso to mini.iso and mini.iso to mini.bak

    I am still getting a client install that asks for an archive mirror.

    Thank you for the help.
  2. nCounTr

    nCounTr New Member


    I was wondering the same question, i was able to configure full working network boot server under ubuntu and i read in the tutorial that instead of downloading the installation files while installing u can use the iso files stored to your HDD. So i am able to store a lot of linux distros on my 1TB HDD, and i don't know how to do that cuz I'm relatively new to linux and linux based servers.
    Sorry for bringing this topic from the long forgotten topics, but i thought since there's a topic on this than i don't need to post the same topic twice.
    If anyone can help pls don't hesitate to do so. It will be very very appreciated cuz this is the best linux site i've encountered along 2 years of constant searching for the best linux site ever and i know that this site is the best of the best.

    Thanks in advance!

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