Setting up an Intranet server to mirror existing websites

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    I am setting up an RV to take an extended trip around North America. I have to maintain numerous websites while on the road. Most of the time I will not have internet access so I have created an Ubuntu 14.04 server on a netbook as we are also on solar power.We have 3 Wordpress MU websites and numerous other websites. I use wan0:# to allow me to access the Worpress websites. ie: xxx. Or that is the plan at least. Any sugestions how I could handle the Name Servers when creating a DNS zone? Do you have any documentation or recommendations for doing this on an Intranet website with ISPConfig, or do I need to do everything via the command line? Thanks for your help Jesse
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    Morning Till,
    Adding a domain to the hosts on the client worked, but not what I was hoping for. When you refered to "add the domains to the local dns server" I am assuming you mean a dns zone, s that correct? My question n that is ns1 and ns2. Do I need to set them up with bind9? The reason for all of this is to keep the links the same on the Intranet and Internet products. Thanks again, Jesse

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