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    I've seen it posted in small chunks and with bad explanations over and over again. This thread should be the end all to DNS hosting questions.

    It seems to be a popular topic. How in the hell do get my host name onto the internet so that people can type it and say, "Hey! Check out that guys totally sweet website!"

    In most cases, people are just like me and have ran through the ISPConfig 3 Perfect Server setup about 250 times and can type in the IP address from outside of the network and say, "Hey! My website is so totally sweet and gnarly awesome."

    But we're scratching our heads thinking, but... I want to use a name... not a number.


    This is where all you totally rad gnarly internet dudes explain! Let's kick the door down and get our host names on the magical world of the interwebs!!!

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand go! :D
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  3. kwilhite

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    I've read through the first 1/4 of that and skimmed through the rest. Very informative.

    Anyways, now I have registered my domain name with a registrar company. I've installed ISPConfig 3 and set up the DNS Module to what I think is correct. Could be wrong.

    Should I now be attempting to use my DNS for my own server now? I mean, instead of using the ones my verizon ISP gave to me?

    maybe thats why im having issues? when I try an nslookup to my domain name, it responds with my isp's dns addresses.
  4. Doug G

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    fwiw, My domains are all registered through godaddy and I use godaddy's DNS for my sites. I don't really do anything with the ispconfig3 dns server. I don't know if this is a good or bad idea but the sites all work fine both from my LAN and externally.

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