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Discussion in 'General' started by Nomis, Jun 4, 2015.

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    I have a real problem, my sever is no longer on the control panel. I had a email domain go missing, yes missing. Maybe i was hacked and they deleted it I not sure. But anyway. I went to var/vmail/domainname and found it there. I copied it to a backup folder and deleted it.

    I then went into the control panel and recreated the email domain, it came up on the screen and i the added the email accounts as per usual. I then sent a test email to the account i just created and it bounce back saying that the account does not exist. So i went back to var/vmail/ and could not find the domain. I then thought wtf and went and tried to add a test account to one of the exsiting domains and it did not complain again. I then sent a test email to that address and was told the same thing.

    So i then tried to add a website and i got on option from the drop-down to choose the server so i left it out and completed the domain creation and when i submitted it i got a error no server selected. So now i am totally confused this server has been running for over a year with no issues.
    The domains that are already setup work fine can send and receive email and the website is operational.

    Please any help would be great

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    Do you have a backup of the dbispconfig database? Or did you install a ispconfig update recently, the backup routine creates a backup of the mysql database as well which you can use to restore it.
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    I did not install any updates or do i have a backup.
    But if i log on to phpadmin the data base is still there.
    It was all working this morning and then a few hours into the day it just started asking the clients for their password. Thats when i saw the domain was deleted
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