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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Isterklister, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. Isterklister

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    I have Ubuntu 14.04, ISPConfig 3 and Apache. I have several sites on the server and on one of them I have a PHP page that pick some data (from AD), store it in a file and uploads it to another server via SFTP. It have been working until now. The other party have changed server and the SSH key have changed.
    I have done this once but it was some years ago and now I need some help.

    Were and how do I change remote SSH key (.ssh/known_hosts?) for my web user? The user who owns the files are web4.

  2. till

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    Create a ssh user in ispconfig for this website, it has to be a non jailed user and add the ssk key in the ssh key field. use the username of this newly created user to copy the files with ssh.
  3. Isterklister

    Isterklister New Member

    Thank you,
    I created a SSH user, logged in and connected to the remote server via SFTP. Is is working and a "known_hosts" file was created.

    I should copy ssk key, from where?

    How can I use this account to do the SFTP connection? The .ssh/known_hosts is inside web4 dicectory.


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