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    I installed the latest ispconfig3 on debian 9.7 and all went without problems. I created the website with ftp account. Later I relased that I need shell access to this account, so I used Sites / Shell-user feature to create new ssh user. Unfortunately it caused that my 'web' directory was renamed to 'web-bak' and created new 'web' directory. FTP user lost access to new 'web' directory, so the webpage is inaccessible now. To fix it I had to delete whole site and recreate it. Please advise how to create shell-user for the site without damaging it's directory structure :(
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    I have not seen directory renames when creating shell users, or FTP users either. How exactly did you create the user?
    Can you repeat the procedure for another website, and show ls -lh for the created directories?
    Debian GNU/Linux current version is 9.8, so you could upgrade that also.
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    I was not able to recreate this problem. The user was created from ispconfig3. Thanks anyway , I also installed Debian 9.8 :)
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    We just had the same problem, with a chrooted shell user. It seems that the shell creation renamed the previously existing /var/www/clientXX/webXXX directory to webXXX_bak, crashing the web server as a side effect because the the "ssl" directory went missing (and scaring us because all files vanished from the FTP users point of view).

    Fortunately, we were able to restore the while webXXX directory from the webXXX_bak directory.

    It may have something to do with the shell base dir, it has been changed twice before the incident occurred :
    • first to set it to a sub-directory of /var/www/clients/clientXX/webXXX/web (which looks like a nonsense to me anyway as the base dir is supposed to be the chroot),
    • and then to set it back to the /var/www/clients/clientXX/webXXX directory

    Could it also be related to the Jailkit version ?

    My ISPConfig, Debian, and Jailkit versions :
    • ISPConfig : 3.1.13
    • Debian : 9.8
    • Jailkit : 2.20

    EDIT : an additional hint that points jailkit : the folder that was set as the shell user base dir (/var/www/clients/clientXX/webXXX/web/something) was ALSO renamed as something_bak.

    In conclusion, it seems that if you change the base directory of the shell user, ISPConfig is re-creating the shell with Jailkit, renaming the old directory to _bak during the operation. I do not now if this preservation measure (renaming the directory to _bak) is done by Jailkit or ISPConfig, or if it would still does it if a _bak directory is already present, it may be worth checking it.
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