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    I'm curious. How is shell access handled in ISPConfig?
    I read in one thread that, customers don't get shell access? But I also
    see that thats an option to give users, so that was real confusing.

    I also saw someone suggest give 'em chroot'd shells, but even then thats not built in. My point is, that was one of the major things that drew me to ISPConfig from the other Hosting Managers out there, because the type of hosting services I offer shell usage is a very key point (I host text games like, MUD's, MUSHes, etc..). My users actually need use to a compiler and what not other development tools.

    Is the users given to customers, virtual users, and given a mysql PAM authentication to the shell? Or what is it?

    Sorry, the whole part has been confusing me rather well, and I'm just investigating ISPConfig extensively before I actually make the switch over to it (that and I'm in the process of moving so don't have time to test it out on any of my servers).

    Also, how well does ISPConfig handle working on multiple servers as one tool?
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    Customers exist only in ISPConfig, they are no system users. Customers can only login to ISPConfig.

    You mean the users you create on the "User & Email" tab. These are real system users, i.e. they can have shell access.

    You must recompile OpenSSH if you want to enable chrooted SSH sessions.
    I've just written a tutorial about it:

    Currently, you can only manage one server with ISPConfig. ISPConfig v3 will be able to manage multiple servers.
  3. nveid

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    Yes, but how is this actually handled?

    Are the shell users duplicates of virtual users, or are they all in one the same? (no virtual user, just a system user)

    And where is their home directory located at, is that configurable?
  4. falko

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    There are no virtual users, just system users.

    If you have a web site in /var/www/web1 and a user web1_test, then his homedir is /var/www/web1/users/web1_test.
    If web1_test is the admin of the web site, then his homedir is /var/www/web1.
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    SSH login does not work from within ISPConfig. Is that because I'm running my sshd on a different port? Can I still run sshd on a different port, because of security?

    When I create a new site I can see the option but not when I edit a site.

    Also, I get this error message when I check the checkbox:

    You cannot assign shell access to this website.

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