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    I have a single server with all services (web, mail,dns,...)
    I would like to create a dedicaced mail server.

    I read the tutorial for multi servers setup and i understand the installation of master is the same installation to a single server no ?

    Can i add the mail server with the same setup in point 3 of the tutorial ? (after i have two mail servers and i can move the mailbox)

    my understanding is correct ?

    Just, they are un smal problem with the link page in the tutorial multiserver Setup. The link for the page to go to the page 6)

    Best regards and happy new year
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    A single server can become the master of a multiserver setup. So you can use your current single server as master.
    you can add the mailserver like that. But you cant mode the mailbox between the servers automatically. It is possible to split a single server into web and mail server, but you will have to modify the server ID's of the mail related records (mail* and spamfilter* tables) in the database to 2 (if thats the ID of your mailserver), then run a resync with tolls > resync to create the mailboxes on the new server and afterwards copy over the whle /var/vmail/ folder from master to mail server.
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