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    On the ispconfig main panel of a site one may select if php is served in which mode. Options beside others are php-fcgi and php-fpm. One site may run php-fcgi, while another may php-fpm. So far, so well.
    When changing the php mode for a site from php-fpm to php-fcgi, the site's call ends with 5xx errors, because the socks file is not found. Indeed, the webxx.socks file is vanished because of the change, but php-fcgi normally has no need for such socks file.
    Restartung apache2 and php-fpm does not help. The problem remains. Does somebody experienced similar observations?
    (Using ubuntu 18.04, apache2, multi php (7.3,7.4,8.0) and sure ispconfig latest prod).
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    Have a look into the /etc/apache2/sites-available/ folder, most likely you have a file for this website with .err file ending, which means that the config could not be saved due to errors, e.g. in custom config in the apache directives field of that website.
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    Thanks a lot Till, that was the hit.

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