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    At this stage i feel like princess laia looking into r2d2 saying "....your my only hope".

    I'm running SuSE9.3 on a Sony Vaio (PCG-K215B) here is the spec:
    Processor Type Celeron
    Processor Speed 2.8GHz CPU
    RAM 512MB
    Hard Drive 40GB
    Display 15 inch TFT display
    Screen Resolution 1024 x 768
    Video Chipset ATI RADEON IGP345M
    Optical Drive DVD-+RW

    and all is going well, i'm having small but thats to be expected, i'm liking it and i don't feel the urge to kill people, which is always a good thing.

    The only problem I have is that I can't get Skype working.. I've googled till my hand fell off and after some surgery i googled some more. the guy that introduced me to SuSE has no idea what is going on.

    I can install Skype but when i try to make a call i get "called failed". I have credit in my account and i can't even call my own phone. I went and bought an internet phone and that would work for about 30 seconds and then cut out. when i ring someone who has skype they can't hear me.

    I've been to the skype page and did all that they told me to do but nothing.....

    At this stage i'm just going to kill....yes....kill partner is from italy and it's a question on "when can i talk to my parents????????" please help me.
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    I bet it's a firewall issue. Please shut down SuSE's firewall and try again.

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