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    hey guys, been awhile since i posted here. Hope everyone is well !

    i've been playing around with different NAS solutions, and at the moment i have settled on Naslite2-HDD. I'm not totally satisfied with it due to the lack features, specifically the inability to go "live" (securely) when the need arises.

    The how-to related to Sme Server specifically states:
    My question is, how does the sme-server handle different size drives? what are the consequences of using different size drives? If i use all the same sized drives (160G x 3), do i have 480gigs of storage, or is it 160 gigs mirrored?

    Please educate me!
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    It depends on which sme version you have

    With Qty-3 160GB drives you will get the following:

    SME version 7.0 or earlier sets 3 drives as RAID-5 which means 320 GB of storage (160GB for parity)

    SME version 7.1 sets 3 drives with 2 in a RAID-1 mirrored array and 1 hot spare so you have 160 GB of storage.

    I believe you can use different sized drives but each drive will be formatted the same size as the smallest drive. If you have a 100GB and 2 160GB drives then all must be formatted to 100 GB.
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  3. reddog

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    thank you for the reply,

    so.....if i were to use 3-160 gig drives, and 1-250gig usb drive. Only 160 gigs of the usb drive would be utilized? or does that get treated as a hot spare?

    I'm sorry for my ignorance on the subject, i have a hard time grasping the whole raid array, mirrored or not, as well as the different types of raid that can be done........guess i'm off to do some googling:)

    thanks again
  4. wpwood3

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    I doubt you can use a USB drive.

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