Smokeping does not ping different subnets

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    I need help in regards to Smokeping pingin and populating graphs from different subnets.

    The thing is, I have been asked to install Smokeping and to monitor traffic by pinging different AP/CPE. My employee is a small wireless ISP with about 2000 subscribers. He is using A class IP address and they are allocated to subscribers from the pool as well as to the AP/antennas/switches. The guy who owns the company says that they/clients are connected directly to the ISP and form one huge broadcast. I am still confused by this and the problem is when I try to run smokeping it pings only from one subnet e.g / Other IP addresses cannot ping from lets say and therefore produces empty graph. To be honest I have been employed only for one week and I am confused with all this. The question how can I make smokeping to ping every IP address filled in inside configuration:
    For example

    + Company

    ++ PIng
    menu = Name of the location of the AP/CPE
    title = Name ......
    host =

    ++ and so on the list is too long

    The Internet connection on the machine is when i type ifconfig I get
    eth0 and its IP addres from the network to the internet/public IP add

    eth1 is for LAN and it has (that's why it only ping those AP in that subnet (e.g., etc...)

    lo loopack interface

    And if in the configuration he puts static Ip address for example from the above it pings only those from that subnet, others not as I mentioned above.
    How to fix this problem is it with Internet connection. We use Centos 5.3 and in network configuration when you click on Device tab and then on the list selected eth1 clicking twice the next window pops up and on the route tab he entered IP virtual interfaces from to range. For example refers to all those in that subnet, for all in this one and so on....til

    I am sorry for not writing it in organised way but I am in hurry to solve this problem

    Any advise and help is very much appreciated!
    As I mentioned above, I need smokepign to produce graphs from all IP adresses AP to monitor the network.

    Thank you in advance for your time and effort!!!

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