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Discussion in 'Suggest HOWTO' started by till, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. till

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    The following Howto request was send to Howtoforge per email:

    Can you put a request for a guide on installing, configuring and using
    SNMP for Monitoring of Linux/Network Devices/Windows? maybe with too? been trying to get that setup correctly..Thanks,
  2. toastmaster

    toastmaster New Member

    I would like that also

    Hey Till,

    I would also like to see a howto on snmp. I have been trying to set this up today but have been unsuccessful. I will keep looking on the net and see if I run across a good one.

  3. noahlau

    noahlau New Member

    i would suggest SNMP + MRTG on Debian 3.1
  4. MarcoV

    MarcoV New Member

    I'm with noahlau
    Would like to see something like that..
  5. falko

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  6. madsere

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    I'd like to see a primer on SNMP. Searched Googled already of course but only find long dry descriptions of software and network devices. Would be nice with a howto explaining how snmp works for non-engineers, including the mib thing, how are the codes assigned, are there standard rules or are the mib's assigned in a more or less random fashion by the network device manufacturers, etc.

    Edit: Never mind, found a good tutorial here:
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  7. nenad

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  9. rockstar9840

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    I suggest SNMP on Debian 3.1.

    And Nice tutorial guys. Thanks for sharing. :)

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