So "What's the outcome of 12 plus 7?"

Discussion in 'Technical' started by jmc, Jun 11, 2014.

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    Hi. I just registered, and it asked me for the answer to this "random question". Naturally, I typed in "19" (without the quotes, just the two digits) -- and it was rejected as incorrect. I tried a couple of times, erasing my previous answer and trying to type it different ways. All failed.

    I also tried to think of some clever geek pun or insider joke, but couldn't think of one. If it'd said "and" rather than "plus", I'd have tried a bitwise & operation, but it didn't ask that.

    So what answer was it expecting?

    (Just curious, of course. I got in by typing a word backward. But it did occur to me that this might not be the best sign for how well these forum are going to work ... ;-)
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    I've checked the answer that is set for the question "What's the outcome of 12 plus 7?" in our antispam system and the correct ansewer 19 is saved there. Mybe something else got wrong during antispam check.

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