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Discussion in 'General' started by axxies, Apr 15, 2021.

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    Yes, the migration tool works, but the IDs that it uses on the target server is not the same as for the source server and these can also vary. I have brought that up in the forums before, but it was not seen as a problem since the script works and yes it does, but it become harder to keep track of what belongs to what.

    So it's a sync in one way, not two ways then. I mean if it is known in ISPC3 then it can find what is on the disk and "sync" with what is there, but if there is no information in ISPC3 about what databases that is on the server and there are databases in /var/lib/mysql , then these will not become part of ISPC3, or? IF this is so, then as I see it it's a one way sync.

    For this to work it has to have the ISPC database + the other databases?

    ok. Good to know. So this applies for the databases and websites then too?

    So what I need is a dump of the ISPC database + all the databases that belongs to sites then? Will it "see" web site files then too?
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    You can set it to try and keep the current IDs, which works as long as they aren't already in use - iirc.

    It is not a sync, it is resync. The name may be confusing, but all it does is "sync" all config files so they are as they should be according to the database. Nothing more.

    For all services. E.g. you can change a DNS record in the database with a MySQL query so you can do a big batch, and then resync so a update for all zone files is triggered. The zone files will be recreated based on the data in the database.

    It doesn't do anything with the data of your website, database, or inbox. Just the configuration files.
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    Ok, thanks! Thank you too for helping me even on a weekend!!!
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