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    I was wondering if it is already possible (I doubt) , but if not , its very good and urget for me to have this feature to mirror my server with another webserver (either local or remote located in different country) to mirror and synchronize all files and sql queries with backup server and once the main server was down, the backup server take the control and change its IP and continue service seamlessly.
    and yet better thing to add is to measure routing and stuff along two server and pass each user to closest server for any requested sites.

    I also like to request some small features...

    - Set unlimited database instead of 30?
    - Remember expand option, like everytime I dont have to EXPAND/Collapse on each reload.
    - change statistic page with basis page for each website (especially for client)
    - put the statistic page in a secondary form next to all tabs so it will be always there as ppl need to know certain things at any page they are in smaller format so it won't so much space.
    - put group besides folder and below title, so it will take less space vertically
    - load tools into Customer's and admin toolbar, like domain category things like phpmyadmin and awstate or even webmail, for easier access.
    - put help icon into tool bar instead of menu.
    - session list to server at ports to know which user is visiting which website from which ip at which port so can easiliy monitor hackers.
    - view more statistic about the server and sites and clients and specially resellers, like which one is most visitng website, which is most active reseller and the list of them and which site is close to get its limit
    - zip/unzip option in web-ftp for extracting uploaded file (good for dialup users)

    and bug I found was the disk space which was shown inverted, like if I have 90% free, it says 10 % is available.

    thank you very much for your effort on this nice tool

    s. Mohammad
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