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    I use and I love ispconfig setup.

    only issues I get is one email id getting compromised and then it sends 10000s emails within short period of time and then server IP gets blocked.

    which is ideal deployment to control number of emails can be sent via any email id per day, per hour? like a quota system.

    I wrote a cron script to check mailq if it exceed 100/200, that means some email ids are compromised :)

    Please guide.
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    Can you please explain what you mean by newer setup? I can create new server on linode and install the setup, then move all domains there
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    You can use this guide for CentOS but you'll have to substitute the debian/ubuntu specific commands with the CentOS/RHEL ones.
    So, dnf or yum instead of apt-get and different packages sources for Rspamd. Just follow the installation steps for Rspamd on CentOS from the original Rspamd website and for replacing Amavisd with Rspamd the Howtoforge guide.
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    I'm all ready drooling while waiting for rate-limit options to come to ISPconfig.
    Block emails if there is more than 100 addresses... yes.
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    yes, its only thing troubling me .. and have lost good clients because of it.

    nobody cares for website now, emails are important, delivery, spam etc.

    dear ISPconfig team, please look into this and make it a standard feature of ispconfig.

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