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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by thms_bchz, Jan 30, 2020.

  1. thms_bchz

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    Hello, I recently install ispconfig3 on a server, I used the ispconfig3 auto install script to do that.
    No problem at all for create and manage my mailbox and domains, I configured the spam filter to "no-paying".
    The probleme is all the spam passed clean and go to the main mailbox ( I setup to junk the spam in the Jung mailbox to).
    The first solution I try is to formate my server and go to a fresh install, but the result is the same, I don't change any configuration file of spamasssasin postfix and Amavis, all is auto conf by the install script and I have no idea why the spam passed clean.
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  3. thms_bchz

    thms_bchz New Member

    thank for the answer !
    But my goal is not to add some filter but to understand why Spamassassin passed all my spam email to CLEAN, I post an exemple of my mail.log
    Jan 30 05:01:26 *** amavis[27678]: (27678-03) Passed CLEAN {RelayedInbound}, []:58293 [] <[email protected]> -> <contact@***.com>, Queue-ID: 7E7DB63C99, Message-ID: <[email protected]>, mail_id: Bhp2nhoU9XGP, Hits: -, size: 14264, queued_as: 9A84F63D0A,, 106 ms
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    Your email is not spam scanned at all because:
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  5. thms_bchz

    thms_bchz New Member

    okay so what is the configuration used for spamassasin scanned my mail ?
  6. till

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    Select 'Normal' policy. You can see the details on what each policy does in the policy settings.

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