SPF record generator asking for DNS MX records ?

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    I don’t know yet if this is recommended or even required for SPF record to be efficiently setup, but if I have to make MX records changes, I would want this not to compromise one or the other of these email sending and email receiving configurations.

    /// SENDING CONF ///
    OVH DNS servers
    pointing to remote VPS, and Postfix transfering outgoing emails to relay mail server (Mailgun).

    /// RECEIVING CONF ///
    OVH default MX entries
    packaged with registered domain, allowing access to OVHcloud mail servers for sending and receiving emails.

    I say so because when using MXtoolbox to generate SPF records, I am asked YES or NO questions (not clear enough to me) to which inappropriated answers may prevent this record to function as it should.

    Do you send email from your webserver?
    Do you send email from the same server in your MX records?

    /// MY QUESTIONS ///
    • If Postfix transfers outgoing emails to third party mail server, what is the convenient reply to first question ?
    • What means sending email in MX records ?
    • Do I have to create, replace, or remove MX records on whatever side (ISPConfig or OVH) for configurations described above to be functional ?
    • Do I have or not to include my VPS Ipv4 address in the SPF record, as an sender allowed to use my domain name ?

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    It does not matter. The question is
    and you just must know if your setup sends e-mails from your web server. If web server sends all e-mails via mailgun, then answer no.
    I do not know. But the question was
    and that I understand. MX records show the e-mail servers that receive e-mails for the domain the record is for. So you need to know if your setup uses the same servers also for sending e-mails.
    For the rest of your questions, find out which servers send e-mails for your domain, and check those are inclueded in the SPF record in one way or another. If it is not in mx or a, you can add ip to explicitly list the IP-number. There is also include to easily add the probably several e-mail servers mailgun most likely has for sending.
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    /// SOLVED ///
    Fortunately I could have all auth protocole keys (SPK & DKIM) generated from my relay mail server account (Mailgun), and have used these to configure my DNS zone at OVH (my hosting provider). Afterward I also have recopied my SMTP credentials (Mailgun) in ISPConfig (Postfix), and I am now waiting 24 hours for all these changes to be fully propagated.

    /// USE CASE TEST ? ///
    I will soon configure a webapp so that I may test sending email verification message to new account creators. A tutorial found on the web says that I need Postfix to be installed and configured for PHP mail to function.

    In this purpose, do I need parameters else than my SMTP credentials to be set or modify in ISPConfig (Postfix settings :
    system/server-config/E-mail) ?

    Among other purposes, I also try not to need to install PHP Mailer that is mostly promoted as a more valuable alternative to PHP mail…., but I would welcome advices or any documented feedbacks from experimented ISPConfig users that already have face such a choice for PHP mailing.

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