Squid proxy on ubuntu 8

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    The setup: 30 user windows domain connected to a dsl router. Fixed IPs.

    The objectives: Install a linux based proxy to filter http traffic between clients and router. Clients must still be able to pop to the internet.

    What I have done so far:
    - Installed webmin and squid onto a multihomed ubuntu 8 desktop box. Set on internal network, external to router. Configured NAT on webmin with often incomplete online guides.
    - The routing and proxy seems to work fine, but the problem is I can not get the clients to pop to internet mail servers. I can't ping the pop servers on the net but the domains does resolve to IPs from a client, and the mail clients (TBird) cant get mail.
    - After some more webmin fiddling I could pop to the internet. But everything was open and bypassing the proxy was as easy as changing the settings in the browsers - which defeats the purpose of the whole exercise off course.
    - It is probably clear that I am a routing/linux noob. :rolleyes:

    So the question is this: How do I get to set this up so pop access and the HTTP proxy works simultaneously without it being too easy to bypass? Am I on the right track here at least? Is there an easier way to do this, perhaps a single program of some sort?

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