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    Can someone please post a HOWTO using CentOS 4.3 or Ubuntu 6.06 and the latest SSL-Explorer to create a SSL-VPN solution? I have tried all day and getting ant and the JDK 1.5 installed and working is hard enough, but when the server crashes upon 'ant run' after what looks like a successful install, its very disheartening.

    Please include instructions to get SSL-Explorer to start on boot as well. Thanks in advance!

    BTW, This would assume this SSL - Explorer is getting either a static NAT public IP from a SOHO gateway, or simple port forwarding 443 to the SSL-Explorer.

    The main purpose I need to accomplish is SSLVPN to my home network to browse the internet freely bypassing pesky customer firewalls and web filters that make my job harder to do.
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    I got it working fine on a Debian Etch box, which should be similar to Ubuntu LTS, let me know if you're still having issues, the trickiest part is getting java to behave. I could probably dig through my notes and put something together.

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