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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by talkingnews, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. talkingnews

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    Ispconfig 3, Ubuntu 10.10 apache2 suPHP.

    My old ISP used to just allow and

    For some reason sites created on my vps in ispconfig seem to have a different document root, even when made ssl afterwards. I tried copying the :443 vhost directive into the main vhost file pointing to the same doc root but it didn't like that.

    I think I'm missing something embarrassingly basic here. I can't think of any possible reason anyone would ever want a complete copy of their site in a separate ssl folder, so what am I doing wrong here? Thanks!
  2. falko

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    Did you check the SSL checkbox for the web, or did you create a new vhost for in ISPConfig?
  3. talkingnews

    talkingnews New Member

    I ticked the SSL checkbox in the site I had created, after realising a few pages of it should probably be SSL.

    So it was "create site in non-ssl mode, write site, tick ssl box".

    What I definitely DON'T want is two subdirectories, one SSL and one NON-ssl.

    Crap, I just thought - what if I symlink the two? Gonna try that first thing tomorrow. (Getting sleepy now, bound to mess it up!)

    Will let you know what happens, unless anyone says "bad idea" or suggests an alternative in the next 12 hours!
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