Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by SamTzu, Apr 6, 2016.

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  2. DDArt

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    There are several posts already on this subject and this will be implemented in the next release of 3.1. If you want to test prior there is a git project out there but personally I would wait a little longer for the major release 3.1

    I also noticed that ssl certs that sell yearly have come down in price from 9.99/year to as low as 4.99/year, but you can't beat free :) I would get ssl for all domains hosted.
  3. sjau

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    ddart: not only free but auto-renewable ;)
  4. imort

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    Not yet, but definitely will try in a few days, just when I'll have some time.
    It's great that I can have an SSL cert for free actually!
  5. sjau

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    Well, you can test it with ISPC 3.1 or I made a tool for ISPC 3.0.x and there's another one as well :) But recommended would be to use ISPC 3.1 (Beta).

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