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Discussion in 'General' started by leiw, Sep 20, 2014.

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    When a subdomain shall have its own directory, then it shoudl be created as website (se description in manual). As alternative you can create it as vhost subdomain, but thats less secure then using a website.
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    Hi till,

    Sorry, do you mean I have to enable "You cannot disable this as long as vhost subdomains exist in the system!" ?

    But I can't see Web Folder field on Subdomain.

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    OK, I can see Subdomain (Vhost) option, below is the Subdomain configure:

    Hostname: wilson


    Web folder: web/Wilson <--- created Wilson directory in Web Folder via FTP

    Traffic Quota MB: -1

    Auto-Subdomain: None

    PHP: Fast-CGI

    PHP Version: Default

    Active: selected

    The Wilson directory uploaded index.html, when I type that show below message:

    This is the default index page of your website.

    This file may be deleted or overwritten without any difficulty. This is produced by the file index.html in the web directory.

    For questions or problems please contact support.

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    Can someone help?
  6. till

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    What is your question? You created a vhost subdomain and this vhost subdomains shoes the correct default index page. So all is fine. you can now replace / delete that page and upload your own files.
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    It ok now, thanks!

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