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  1. nenad

    nenad ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    I put these lines into ISPConfig box:


    After seting up SiteAcess according to the
    I can not acess zope manage at

    I permanantly receive 404 - Error! File not found.
    Now I don't know whats wrong?

    Apache proxy setup, or something with Zope....

    And I do not know where is file where SiteAcess wtites data, to reset it.
    As recommended as Base I put: , and "/" as I want that domain to holds Zope / Plone ...

    (Note: I had Plone / Zope working previously through :9673 port)
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  2. wustl_2008

    wustl_2008 New Member

    Okay, in regards to proxy pass in proxy.conf I found this which *should* work for you (I can't access my specific setup now I'll check later if this doesn't work for you):

    This will have to work first before you can test your proxypass.

    <IfModule mod_proxy.c>

    #turning ProxyRequests on and allowing proxying from all may allow
    #spammers to use your proxy to send email.

    ProxyRequests Off

    <Proxy *>
    Order deny,allow
    Deny from all
    #Allow from

    # allow to connect to localhost with port ending with 9673
    <ProxyMatch http://localhost:9673/.*>
    Order deny,allow
    Allow from all

    # Enable/disable the handling of HTTP/1.1 "Via:" headers.
    # ("Full" adds the server version; "Block" removes all outgoing Via: headers)
    # Set to one of: Off | On | Full | Block

    ProxyVia On

    # To enable the cache as well, edit and uncomment the following lines:
    # (no cacheing without CacheRoot)

    CacheRoot "/var/cache/apache2/proxy"
    # 300MB
    CacheSize 307200
    # in hours
    CacheGcInterval 4
    CacheMaxExpire 24
    CacheLastModifiedFactor 0.1
    CacheDefaultExpire 1
    CacheForceCompletion 100
    # Again, you probably should change this.


    modified from:


    Before we get to your actual proxypass directives you need to make sure zope and plone work properly. Go to your zope/plone site at:

    and you should see the Zope quick start page.

    If not you have some debugging on your zope/plone setup before you can move to testing ProxyPass directives.


    In regards to ProxyPass directives you currently have:

    You will probably need:

    ProxyPass /
    ProxyPassReverse /

    Usually you don't need the path for ProxyPass. What the one above should do is take whatever you see at the url:
    and make it display on:

    If the above doesn't work you can try this (using localhost instead of servername):

    ProxyPass / http://localhost:9673/VirtualHostBase/http/
    ProxyPassReverse / http://localhost:9673/VirtualHostBase/http/http/


    Please post any results you get on these steps. I promise we'll get you up and running, sometimes it's just a pain in the butt through the initial steps.
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  3. nenad

    nenad ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    Yes, I do have ZopeQuick start at:

    but I can't acess

    After seting up SiteAcess according to the
    I can not acess zope manage at

    I permanantly receive 404 - Error! File not found.

    Some where that script written data, and now I can't acess it.

    Falko, please if you are reading this, tell me where are located httpd.conf files for each separate domain ?

    BTW how do you manage to insert http here bypassing Vbuletin tendency to convert it to ? --------------------------------...ow I am back again, let's chat about proxy :)
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  4. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    The vhosts are all in Vhosts_ispconfig.conf.
  5. nenad

    nenad ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    ProxyPass / http://localhost:9673/VirtualHostBase/http/
    ProxyPassReverse / http://localhost:9673/VirtualHostBase/http/http/
    caused this:

    Bad Gateway
    The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
    Additionally, a 502 Bad Gateway error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
    and after enabling once again SiteAcess with site root

    Site Error
    An error was encountered while publishing this resource. 
    Resource not found
    Sorry, the requested resource does not exist.
    Check the URL and try again.
    Resource: VirtualHostBase GET
    I think that basically both Zope and Plone are working: Demo Site

    Probably I have to change this:
    SiteAcess with site root

    and make it point somewhere else...?

    BTW how to really check whether Proxy is doing it's job or not?

    Actually, this works too (withouth SiteAcess rules), but look at the url which is necessery to acess site:

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  6. wustl_2008

    wustl_2008 New Member

    What version of zope are you using? Check to make sure you have a VirtualHostMonster in the root of your zope site (assuming you can access your /manage interfaces somehow).

  7. nenad

    nenad ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    I am using debian package for Zope 2.6

    Yes, I can acess /manage (I resolved issue with SiteAcess)

    What if I do not want to use folder /foo but whole domain?

    BTW Where are phisically located all of the data for Zope/Plone site?
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  8. nenad

    nenad ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    I put VirtualHostMonster in the root folder of Zope, not into the root folder of my plone site and now at

    I have Zope Quick Start

    But, I need Plone site, right?
  9. nenad

    nenad ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    + YAY!
    + It works!


    Later I'll post what I done! :)

    Beer for everyone, on my bill ;)
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  10. wustl_2008

    wustl_2008 New Member

    Success at last, success at last

    Congrats Nenad! Told you we'd get it sooner or later. Sorry if all the different messages were confusing. I think the SiteAccess stuff was messing it up possibly. Looking forward to your step by step. I've always used Zope and Plone from source as the .deb packages are usually out of date.

  11. nenad

    nenad ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer


    THANK YOU very much for your support!
  12. shalom

    shalom New Member

    Help about installing zope and ISPCONFIG

    wustl_2008 if you get this please update
    i cant find any info in google about installing ispconfig with zope except for this page

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