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    Hey guys, new to the forum, having some issues and would appreciate some help.
    I've been hosting my site in one shared hosting provider for the past few years, it's been good, but recently support has been garbage, unknowledgeable and they have been making mistakes left and right. Not to mention the limitations in the data allowed, indoes being exceeded and honestly just brutally bad technical support.

    So, what is the best? Move to dedicated server with high/unlimited bandwidth? Or move the backend services and website hosting to dedicated then keep the mail somewhere else?

    I need to host websites, emails and backend service. The biggest needs are:
    1. Fast, reliable and stable web hosting.
    2. Same for email.
    3. Root level Linux access for the service.
    4. I don't want to get complex so I'm looking for cPanel managed services.
    5. I want a web hosts which located their data center in Europe (this because of speed)
    6. Preferably using Centos Linux dedicated server

    I've been looking around at different hosts and I found that can support my needs. Are you familiar to them? Or if you have another recommendation, please let me know.
    Thank you!
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    The hosting company you got there doesn't seem to support linux based hosting/servers within europe.
    The sad truth is, every hosting companies have some catches, maybe I just have been lookin in the "wrong" price segments :D

    You probably don't want to get yourself in trouble experimenting with virtual environments because of the usual limits for shared memory or sockets or numfiles and so one - however you could ask before you order what limits are in place and if they can raise some, probably depending on what you're willing to pay. virtual servers can be very fault tolerant if the provider did decent fail over setups, barely seen one doing it right though.

    Collect informations of where your clients come from and then you can make better guessing of which peering providers you need and if the data centre have contracts with.

    I've been with a lot of german hosting companies having cheap and high cost servers and they all fail at some point. There's only one I've not experienced any issue with so far, but I only have one customer there so I can't give a recommendation.

    But even with all the catches, you can setup reliable hosting probably everywhere if you have a dedicated machine. If you can't find any trustworthy reviews and want to try a company, don't fall for long term contracts, check installed hardware, especially hard drives having serial numbers indicating not beeing from one and the same batch and so on.

    Also it might depend on what you need, only reliable uptime/serving time with very low overall requests or high volume high speed?
    How big is the site / database / .... need plenty of horsepower ... yeah something to consider ^^

    Btw. cPanel, really? use ISPConfig :)

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