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Discussion in 'General' started by Fumble, Jun 8, 2020.

  1. Fumble

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    Hey guys,
    Just wondering, how do you host Symfony app using ispconfig ?
    Do you put everything in the /web directory and edit your apache documentroot to be the "public" directory of your synfony app?

    Or do you use the /private directory of your virtualhost, and store public file in /web ?

    Really curious to know the way you do it !

    Regards !
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  2. zakjakub

    zakjakub New Member

    I tried to move non-public folders and files to "private" directory (as described in Symfony docs) without success.

    So I have all foldes under "web" directory and using .htaccess for redirect to right (public) folder.

    Unfortunatelly, this causes problem - all routes is accessible under / (ie. /foo - OK) but at the same time they are accessible under /public (ie. /public/foo - BAD).

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