Thanks for fixing the remoting framework & other issues

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    If it's your last day on earth, treat it like you came in!

    Long time no see...haha that's the way my cousin treats my servers....he comes in life like a dumb ass hehe kicking my servers and tugging on my arm...

    I gave him sudo priv's and have to completely redo my isp install.

    I'm not posting this to complain, it's a post to give much respect to u guys for modding the release of the remoting framework so i didnt have to mod /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/lib/classes

    Man, i forgot all the little mod's i did after a fresh install...i asked my 'so-called friend' to come on here and ask you guys a few questions....

    My main issue is on the ISPConfig/RoundCube Package....when I create [email protected] my users email is [email protected]

    You guys are the guru's...or so i've heard...i know the roundcube crew is not going to help me....

    I set it up previously with 1.1 and it worked as i upgraded...i just changed


    searched for this line:

    $line = trim($line);

    changed it to this line

    $line = trim(str_replace("www.", "", $line));

    on the new ISPConfig 2 setup i installed Roundcube 2.1 first...there is no such guys are PHP guru's

    Another note is that i use sqlite NOT mysql

    Please hook me up and help me if you can guys....

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