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  1. Eugenm

    Eugenm New Member

    Hello Everyone. The ISPconfig does help on creating subdomains as for ex; but it does not help to create directories for ex;, is that right?
    I have many websites on Win 2003 Server and I wish to migrate to Ubuntu Linux and all websites are based on;
    I have many customers and visitors that have the links and I want to maintain it running all on Ubuntu Nginx Server.
    Please help, how can I do it? Can I use the ISPconfig for that purpose if so how to do it?
    Thank You a lot.
  2. srijan

    srijan New Member HowtoForge Supporter

    Answer is NO, It supports the feaature.

    1) Make a backup of the databases and data in /var/www
    2) Format the server and install ISPConfig 3 NGINX or Apache
    3) Create all websites and email users in ispconfig 3 again and then restore the website data and mysql / postgres databases.
  3. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    A URL is just a website with a subdirectory, so you can do that easily in ispconfig as well.

    1) Create a website
    2) Create a FTP user.
    3) Add as myn directories like "site", site2, site3 etc. in the web directory of the domain as you like.

    Or alternatively use the vhost subdomain function, which can be enabled under system > interface config.
  4. Eugenm

    Eugenm New Member

    Thanks Till, Thanks Everyone.
    I appreciate very much all your answers. It makes me feel good about what you all say here, just I think I do not know how to do it.
    I exhausted all my ideas with ISPconfig when I tried to make it, and I did not make it
    I have already Ubuntu Server with Nginx and ISPconfig installed and running, also I have installed some test websites as; with ISPconfig help. The ISPcongig is very helpful for that but I can no find a way to create sites ex: using the ISPconfig.
    Anyone can help me how to create a website with ISPconfig
  5. Eugenm

    Eugenm New Member

    Thank You Till, I followed your instructions,

    I appreciate your patience, Dear Till, I got it working, I followed your instruction you posted here on HowtoForge, I have domains installed on my Ubuntu and I used also the FileZilla FTP. Now, I can not even believe how it is so easy to do that,, but it is was just me, a slow mind,, it worked out very well.
    Thank you very much again, yes it works very well with the ISPconfig.

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