The mail will be delivered and tagged as SPAMMY but not rejected

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Hans, Nov 24, 2015.

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    Hi Till/Falko,
    I can see in the mail.log that incoming spam-messages are tagged as "Passed SPAMMY {RelayedTaggedInbound}".
    These spam messages are passing through to the users.
    What do i need to configure in Amavis (Debian ISPConfig3 mailserver) to prevent/reject these incoming SPAM-messages?

    Thanks for your help,
  2. VegasTech

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    Amavis is the transport agent that moves messages from postfix to the spam detecting software, then back to postfix again. Neither Amavis nor the spam detecting applications delete email. They only mark it as spam.

    But there are two common ways to automatically get rid of marked spam. First, your clients can configure their email application (such as Windows Live Mail) to look for the spam marking in the subject and move spam to the delete folder by creating a rule.

    Alternatively, you can have ISPConfig do it for you. To do that, do these steps in the ISPConfig control panel (your clients can also do this themselves in the client control panel):

    Click the Email tab
    Click the Email Mailbox link on the left
    Click on the email account desired
    Click the Mail Filter tab
    Check the box next to "Move Spam Emails to Junk directory."
    Click Save

    Having the client do it with Windows live Mail using a rule has the added advantage of giving the client a way to look in the deleted folder for a false positive message. If you let ISPConfig delete marked messages then they never reach the client. But either method will do the job.
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  3. florian030

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    You should not reject spam. Better move them to the junk-folder.
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