The optimal Linux server hardware / bandwidth of my needs!

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Desp, Nov 22, 2014.

  1. Desp

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    Hello everyone,
    Here I am asking about a home based server that many of us like to have.
    Everyone including me thinking that the word "Server" must have the best hardware and the fastest and latest bandwidth / connection type. But do I really need that? Do I need to have a box with the maximal hardware that the box can handle? Best CPU, memory, HDD/SSD, network card and fiber connection out in the market!!

    OK, What about my needs? Thinking about "home based server" I want it to be able to handle some private stuff like private webmail server, private blogs, and also it should be able to run MySQL, FTP and some other normal or basic services. Assuming that the server connection should be able to handle between 1k-5k hits per day.

    What would be the optimal hardware / bandwidth / connection type that will hold now and for the upcoming 3 years.

    Please guys here I am not talking about all that fancy plans that most hosting providers have out on the net.

  2. petter5

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    No, you do not need any hot hardware for that. Most important is memory and hard drive. For my self, I use a old Asus EEE 1005pe with 2 gigs of ram. the original HD is replaced with a Intel SSD (X25-E). The display of this EEE was broken so the LCD display is removed and only the lid is covering the keyboard. Running Ubuntu sever 12.04 and similar services as you described. Has been running for more than 2 years now without any issues. It is almost noiseless and you can hardly hear the fan if you listen really carefully. Now after 2 years, the fan seems to be just like new condition. as a side effect, the battery provides UPS function for my server up to 10 hours since there is no LCD display. When installing, I connected a ordinary display and since that, only using SSH. Performance and response is more than fine and I can recommend to try a such low cost solution.
  3. Desp

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    Thank you for your replay petter, It's very smart solution to have your laptop with a defect screen as a server.

    It's perfectly clear that Linux don't require much hardware and it will work perfectly both as server and desktop editions.

    My main concern is about bandwidth and routers / network cards.

    Today I have a fiber connection with 1000/100 Mbs connected to a good Asus router with Gigabit ports, But I still feel it hangs out when I try to browse websites while visitors comes in to my websites.

    Right now I only host 2 websites and what make me worry is my ISP response time which about 2-10 ms.

    Any good advice?

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