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Discussion in 'Linux Beginners' started by Isaiah Silva, Feb 13, 2023.

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    Hey all, I just started learned Linux this semester and was just wondering if anyone has any tips for someone new to the field.
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    That question is way to generic. This depends a lot on what you are trying to achieve with linux. Are you running this on your own machine to work with, or servers only, or maybe both? What are the use cases, like personal computing, development work etc?

    But some general things to consider:
    • Choose a "beginner friendly" Distribution, something stable and well documented like Ubuntu / Fedora or any derivate of them that are active
    • Don't let the options and disscussions in the space overwhlem you. There is alot of "drama" in the linux space regarding the choices of software (e.g. systemd drama). Don't get into this stuff, as it doesn't matter at all for beginners
    • Get familiar with the terminal. You don't have to but learing the basics and "outsource" some of your tasks and applications to the terminal will drasticly improve your productivity.
    • Try switchting your Apps to open source software. A big mistake of beginners is that they switch the OS, but stick to their software, and even jump through hoops to make windows only software work on their linux system instead of choosing a linux alternative
    • Don't switch around too much. There is a thing called distro hopping, which is quiet nice to get to know some distros, but it will cost you a lot of time and can be very confusing for beginners. Try sticking to something you like and make it work for you.
    • There is alot of high quality linux coverage on Youtube. Use these ressources, as it's often much easier to learn new things be seeing them instead of just reading about it. Again, linux users tend to be high opinionated on some topics, leave that alone for now.
    There are alot more things we could talk about, but for now let us know where you're at and what you are planning to achieve.
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