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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by misterm, Oct 1, 2005.

  1. misterm

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    Hello with all

    Can-tone to create certificates SSL, without passing by an organization CA, therefore the good to save money, or to say to me, if there does exist of CA, not too expensive ?

    Yours sincerely

    MM ;)
  2. falko

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  3. misterm

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    SSL on several site ?

    Good evening

    I have a prob in ispconfig, because he says to me that, when I want to allot another key SSL, on another site, he refuses me, by saying that the key is to use on another site.

    Then, my question, is this possible to activate of another key on ispconfig ? Is how to make for the attribuers ?

    Yours sincerely

    MM :eek:
  4. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    You can only have one SSL web site per IP address. This is not a restriction in ISPConfig, it's a restriction in Apache.
  5. misterm

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    OK but...

    Veiled my problem, is that all the sites this find on same address IP, then I ask you the question, there is the possibility, to modify which it leaves in ispconfig, if one can unlimited the number of certificate SSL on only one address IP for all the Web sites which this finds?

    Well with you

    MM :eek: ;)

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