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    Here are some observations that i made while installing the debian sarge distro
    according to the howto:

    Net :: DNS failed badly :mad: , that is version Net-DNS-0.56.
    No reason whatshow ever.

    Fix: i downloaded :

    And did a:

    perl Makefile.PL
    make install


    Now my second observation.

    Some software will be uninstalled by the 'apt-get remove' method. :confused:
    The software seems to be uninstalled, but only if:

    dpkg -P <package>

    is used, then all the files and al kind registrations in the apt database are cleanly removed.

    This boils down to :
    dpkg -P lpr nfs-common portmap pidentd pcmcia-cs pppoe pppoeconf ppp pppconfig
    dpkg -P exim4-base exim4-config
    dpkg -P uw-imapd qpopper ipopd

    Now all the junk leftovers are cleanly removed

    Just My € 0.02


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