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Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by katschi, Jul 17, 2005.

  1. katschi

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    It will be nice, that with the installation of a "new site" - I mean a new customer - it should be possible to give a traffic limit to this customer, to the new site.

    The traffic limit should be for the month. For example 10 GByte Traffic (for Web, FTP, E-Mail, SSH, MYSQL, and so on) the month.

    The next step will be that every night a cronjob running and checking the Traffic of every site, and if the Traffic reach 90% of the limit (in the example 9 GB Traffic) then a E-Mail should be sent automatically to the customer and to the reseller, to whom the customer belongs. With one cronjob this should be possible.

    And of course: if the customer don't want get this information, it should also be possible that the customer can swith this feature of in his customerinterface.

    I am hoping it is possible to follow what I meant. Or?


  2. sponix2ipfw

    sponix2ipfw New Member

    Traffic Limits

    Let me get this straight, you are looking for a Meg/Gig quota limit, so when the user reaches say 1.5Gig out of 2.0Gig total allowed download per month they would be warned, and when they hit the 2.0Gig limit, they would either be cut off or charged extra -- Something like that? snmp, mrtg/rrdtool would be your friends in this case, I'd say...

    Bandwidth Limiting speed wise would also be nice, if that hasn't been done, trickled is an easy to use program that has a few options to limit by port, by ip, and so forth. With something similar you could have per user speed options also.

    There are hundreds of things that could be done with an ISP configuration package, just a matter of what people want most, and the time to make it happen.

    Appreciate the input, and I'll do my best to pass it along...
  3. adamluz

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    I too would like to see this feature installed. It is very important for a web hosting company to be able to limit the amount of traffic each domain is using.

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