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    I'm trying something new out on a test server of mine, so I installed ISpconfig to see how it all works and stuff.

    The installation on Ubuntu 14.05 went fine, but I'm running into some problems. is the domain I'm using, but when I connect to that adress it gives me the SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG error. I'll have to fix that later, but https212.187.98.180:8080 seems to work just fine. It's a little workaround.

    TTP when I create a website and I navigate to the url it navigates to http212.187.98.180 and it'll give me the standard Apache2 default page. For example I've created a website linked to the domain http but it navigates to the standard Apache2 page. Actually this is common sense since I've set the DNS of the two ( to my IP ( so there's nothing wrong about that but I want it to navigate to the website I created with ISPconfig.

    I feel like I'm not explaining this right, but I hope someone can help me out. I think I forgot to adjust some settings or whatnot but I don't really know where to check or what to do. This is the page I'm supossed to see:

    DNS zone settings:

    Do I set this up properly?

    When creating a website:
    Left the rest of the settings stock.

    (from Cloudflare)

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